[TR] TR4A rear dampers (shock absorbers)

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You nailed it with the World Wide Auto Parts connection. 
Anyone interested in renewing and or rebuilding or upgrading their lever arm shocks should contact Peter Caldwell at World Wide, also known as Nosimport.com. 
Peter will provide you with the best bang for your buck. I have no financial interest to this topic, only completely satisfied results from doing business with Peter. 
You could drain, partially disassemble, clean and refill your shocks with 30wt. motorcycle fork oil, but they will never work like a fresh rebuild set from Nosimport. Their prices are very reasonable. 

Dave H. 

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I highly recommend these people. itbs a heavy duty valve according to them. 
I went with the heavy duty as you can see on the receipt. one of mine was 
leaking, and of course I could tell a significant difference right away. 

what I think is funny is that if I had gone with a tube shock conversion, I 
would be extolling its virtues and saying how much better it is. 

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I noticed that some shops rebuild the dampers for heavy duty. Is there a 
special weight of oil to upgrade the dampers or is there a rebuild and valve 
switch out required. I too need to rebuild my dampers and want to upgrade 
their performance as I have Moss competition leaf springs and ARE bronze 
bushings ready to install. 
Jim Henningsen 
62 TR4 x2 
75 TR6 
Ocala, FL 

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