[TR] Millimeters

Greg Lemon glemon at neb.rr.com
Mon Dec 30 20:14:06 MST 2013

The crankshaft endplay is of course a major issue with these motors, but if 
you are aware of the problem and stay on top of it it becomes a simple 
maintenance issue, and not a source for catastrophic failure.  the 
measurements are .005", .010", .015" over standard for the thrust washers, 
there should presumably be an allowable end play reading in the manual as 
well which you will need to factor in.  Main thing you need to avoid is the 
thrust washer wearing to the point that it falls out, then the crank and 
block chew each other up, very very bad.

Changing the washers can be done with the engine in place, but you have to 
drain the oil and drop the pan, and you might get a few drips of oil on you.

As far as the Maxima, proud owner of a 99 Maxima, 5 speed, 140,000 miles, 
not sure what your issue is, my old RX-7 had a similar issue once and it was 
a "fusible link" basically a fuse, that had burned out when I jump started 
my wife's car.  If you have a 5 speed (unlikely) the cut off switch that 
keeps the thing from starting without the clutch fully engaged can fail and 
keep it from starting.  Assume you are getting the warning lights on when 
you turn the key so you are at least getting juice through the system. 
Modern cars electrical problems are about a 100 times more complex than the 
ones on our old LBCs, where you can run through the components of the system 
and possible problems in your head or on the fingers of one hand.

Greg Lemon

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