[TR] TR4A rear dampers (shock absorbers)

Dave dave at ranteer.com
Mon Dec 30 18:11:45 MST 2013


I highly recommend these people.  itbs a heavy duty valve according to them. 
I went with the heavy duty as you can see on the receipt.  one of mine was 
leaking, and of course I could tell a significant difference right away.

what I think is funny is that if I had gone with a tube shock conversion, I 
would be extolling its virtues and saying how much better it is.

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I noticed that some shops rebuild the dampers for heavy duty.  Is there a
special weight of oil to upgrade the dampers or is there a rebuild and valve
switch out required. I too need to rebuild my dampers and want to upgrade
their performance as I have Moss competition leaf springs and ARE bronze
bushings ready to install.
Jim Henningsen
62 TR4 x2
75 TR6
Ocala, FL 

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