[TR] Thermostats

TeriAnn J. Wakeman tjwakeman at gmail.com
Tue Apr 9 06:55:08 MDT 2013

On 4/9/13 3:35 AM, Dixie4 wrote:
> On a final personal note engine rebuilds are expensive and bellows 
> type thermostats were and are notorious for failure so I would not 
> like to risk it. Junk the bellows type as it must have been 
> manufactured 40+ years ago
Really?  I had not heard of that nor experienced it. Both my cars came 
with bellows type thermostats.  I have had the Land Rover for 35 years 
as of last March and the TR3 since 1986 and have yet to experience a 
thermostat failure.

I hope metal parts do not go bad sitting on a shelf in a protected 
environment as I have a lot of NLA spares for my cars sitting on 
shelves, including at least 5 new Smiths thermostats.


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