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As I recall the recommended temp range for most cars of 50/60s era and later 
would be 180 so 179 would seem right. Sometimes a different temp would be 
recommended for winter and summer same as oil viscosity. Not exactly sure of 
the temp recommendation for the TR3.
The lower rated of the two you have is the type that would probably be 
originally fitted to diesel engine cars and trucks where the requirement is 
for the stat to open earlier owing to the extra heat generated by much 
higher compression pressures. Also it is a possible short term fix if a 
petrol powered car overheats easily. The right opening temp improves running 
efficiency and economy. Ideally the TR engine requires a skirted thermostat 
to restrict the flow though the bypass.
On a final personal note engine rebuilds are expensive and bellows type 
thermostats were and are notorious for failure so I would not like to risk 
it. Junk the bellows type as it must have been manufactured 40+ years ago 
and fit a 'Waxstat' type with a suitably modded skirt. Many ideas of how to 
do this have been discussed on the 'List' over the years.

Adrian TR4A CT64306 O
Wales UK
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> HI
> I have two bellows type thermostats, one that opens at 160 degrees f and 
> one
> that opens at 179 degrees.  Any suggestions as to which one I use.  The 
> car is
> in Florida and has a TR3 engine with alloy radiator.
> Thanks
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