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I did say it was on a personal note as I have never had much luck with the 
bellows variety, almost every car I bought in my younger days had a faulty 
one. It does make you think why there was an almost universal change to wax 
type thermostats in the sixties. Could be cheaper to manufacture or just new 
improved. I do not know the answer.
Randall has pointed out that the bellows type open slower so this may be a 
factor to take into account.
As an aside I do not remember seeing a production skirted wax type 
thermostat. I am sure someone will tell me if I am mistaken.

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> On 4/9/13 3:35 AM, Dixie4 wrote:
>> On a final personal note engine rebuilds are expensive and bellows type 
>> thermostats were and are notorious for failure so I would not like to 
>> risk it. Junk the bellows type as it must have been manufactured 40+ 
>> years ago
> Really?  I had not heard of that nor experienced it. Both my cars came 
> with bellows type thermostats.  I have had the Land Rover for 35 years as 
> of last March and the TR3 since 1986 and have yet to experience a 
> thermostat failure.
> I hope metal parts do not go bad sitting on a shelf in a protected 
> environment as I have a lot of NLA spares for my cars sitting on shelves, 
> including at least 5 new Smiths thermostats.
> TeriAnn
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