[TR] The good, the bad, the ??

John Wise tr3a.60 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 5 10:44:49 MDT 2013

On  5 Apr, 2013, at 12:17 PM, Mark Hooper <mhooper at indiefilmnet.com> wrote:

> I understand that experience Marty. I like to see the conversation going
> even if I have nothing to contribute or request at the moment. It's a bit of
> virtual club, formed by people with a real common interest. And the
> off-topics are fun to watch and sometimes participate in. In a forum, I
> in to find some data and then get out. Not a community, just a reference.

I come at this from a strange perspective: a university professor.  To me that
are two different products from this list: 1) I have problem X, can someone
tell me how to fix it, and 2) wow, I never thought about X that way.

To me they are both of valuable, but for the most part, I probably learn
something weekly from the "I never thought about X that way" and that
sometimes helps me avoid a potential problem before it happens.


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