[TR] Flat spots?

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Thu Dec 27 10:42:20 MST 2012

> Christmas drive in the TR2, 6C, dry engine fully warmed, but 
> I am getting flat spots in all gears when I push the go 
> pedal, if I back off and feed fuel slowly it picks up and 
> drives fine. 

If you hold it down, does it eventually pick up and run?  If so, I would
first look at dashpots.  If they are full, consider using something thicker
for damping oil.  Eg, if you have been using ATF, switch to 30 weight motor
oil.  A turkey baster with a length of hose slipped on the end will do for
sucking out the old oil without removing the dome.

If it won't pick up and run with constant throttle, then most likely it is
fuel delivery being restricted somehow.  If you have added a paper element
fuel filter, change (or remove) it.  Check the screen above the sediment
bowl.  To check the fuel pump and lines, pull a wire off the coil,
disconnect the feed line from the front carb and direct it into a container
(a quart canning jar works well).  Crank the engine with the solenoid button
and watch the fuel delivery.  You should see a strong spurt every other
revolution; if it just kind of dribbles out then there is a restriction

Could be weak ignition (acceleration requires more spark voltage to fire the
plugs), but I'd look at fuel first.

-- Randall 

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