[TR] Flat spots?

Darrell Floyd tr250driver at aol.com
Thu Dec 27 14:00:38 MST 2012

How fresh is the fuel?  I took my TR8 out of storage a few months ago and it
would only do 40 MPH up a slight grade on the way to the gas station.  Once I
was able to top off the tank with 6 gals of fresh fuel it ran normally.  They
tell me all the fuel now days is crap and only lasts a few months.

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Christmas drive in the TR2, 6C, dry engine fully warmed, but I am getting
pots in all gears when I push the go pedal, if I back off and feed fuel
lowly it picks up and drives fine. What are the usual suspects for this, very
nnoying symptom?
appy holidays to all
954 TR2

ohn Gillis
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