[TR] Ebay vs. mail order TR part prices

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EBay is just another hack outfit squeezing every penny out of both buyer and seller.

My favorites are the ads:  eight foot windsplitter with solar cells   (fits:Tr4)
Half the stuff on eBay is crap from China.
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Subject: [TR] Ebay vs. mail order TR part prices
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I really don't totally understand what Ebay is doing, it used to be a great place to get used parts you couldn't get anywhere else, with the bulk of the sellers people like us, listers and hobbyists who had parts cars, etc.

They have really decided to try to appeal to the mass marketer as sellers, retailers and other big players, someone once stated it as they were trying to compete with Amazon.

It used to be easy to do an occasional sale on Ebay, but then you had to have Paypal, then you had to have Paypal linked to your Ebay account. etc.

I agree that the E bay deals, both on new and used parts are few and far between, and between paypal and Ebay fees it takes a big cut out of your selling.

When it started out I felt it really was a "community" of like minded people trading in what interested them, not so much anymore.

Greg Lemon

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