[TR] Subject: Ebay vs. mail order TR part prices

Cosmo Kramer tr4a2712 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 24 13:03:55 MST 2012

Happy Holidays List!
I tried getting on E-bay to sell LOTS of my spare TRIUMPH
parts, but one had to also join Pay-pall (P-P). Well there was a mistake made
at P-P & I tried to fix it. I was even able to 'Talk to a REAL person' to be
told that the problem was resolved. Long story short, the problem was NEVER
resolved & I've haven't dealt with either of them again.
I'm not going to
get into who gets what % on selling. money exchange, or shipping. I feel if a
mistake can't be solved after talking to a person, then I really can't trust
that person/system. This is why I love this list, because if you have a
problem, then you can (98% of the time solve it, of course off line). I've
NEVER had a problem with ALL the people on this list. In fact, it's just the
opposite. I'll get the part before I have even gotten a chance to write out
the cheque (I NEVER write out a cheque until I know the money is in that
checking account to cover the cheque.). this may take a couple of days &
that's why I may receive the item before I get a chance to send the cheque. In
fact, I'll go as far as saying that I'll trust this list more than some of my
'family members'. I consider this list as a VERY Close Family. 
I am in the
process of GREATLY down sizing my belonging & 65% of that is TRIUMPH items. so
to you lookers out there, contact me off list. The rest of you all, Happy
Holidays to you & your love ones (weather its a person or your TRIUMPH)!
-Cosmo Kramer

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