[TR] TR4A - A Few Electric Questions

Randall TR3driver at ca.rr.com
Wed May 25 09:35:08 MDT 2011

> Does anyone know which switch on the schematic equals which switch 
> on the tranny?  Does it even matter? 

Assuming you have only overdrive, and not reverse lights, it does not
matter.  The two switches are wired in parallel, so the circuit is completed
if either switch is closed.  One switch closes only in 2nd gear, the other
switch closes in either 3rd or 4th.

> Finally, does it matter to which terminal on the switches that the power
and ground wires attach

No, it does not matter.

> I have the Lucas DR3A wiper motor.  It has terminals labeled 
> "1", "2" and "E".  In the schematic, it shows FOUR wires 
> terminating there; N/LG, R/LG, G, B. 

That means you have a single-speed motor, while your schematic shows a
2-speed motor.  The green wire goes to terminal '2', the black wire goes to
terminal 'E'.  Both N/LG and R/LG will run to the switch, so you can simply
pick which one you want to use, and leave the other unused.  Assuming you
use a single-speed switch, connect the same wire to the switch and leave the
other unused.

-- Randall  

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