[TR] TR4A - A Few Electric Questions

G.D. Huggins guy at genfiniti.com
Wed May 25 08:51:08 MDT 2011


First... an update.  I am getting seriously close to completing the restoration project.  So close that I am also starting a parallel effort to get the car squared away with Texas. (title, registration, etc.)
I am in the process of completing the new Advanced Auto Wire harness, and am down to terminating the wiring under the dash.  Once the electrics are done, its on to the interior for the finish.  With that project completed, the next project is getting my newly restored car ready to drive, which I am organizing as a separate effort.

Anyway, my latest questions..

Every schematic I look at has the tranny interlock switches represented as two circles touching.  To one of the terminals is the powered wire (yellow), the opposite the ground.  Does anyone know which switch on the schematic equals which switch on the tranny?  Does it even matter?  Finally, does it matter to which terminal on the switches that the power and ground wires attach?

I have the Lucas DR3A wiper motor.  It has terminals labeled "1", "2" and "E".  In the schematic, it shows FOUR wires terminating there; N/LG, R/LG, G, B.  The first two come from the switch, G is power and B the ground.  How do I attach four wires to only three terminals?


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