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Take a motor home, with a enclosed trailer behind it.  End of "on the side of the road problems", and you don't have to lug spare engine parts. 

"Life's tough....It's even tougher if you're stupid." 
-John Wayne 

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Most important: cell phone & AAA+ card. 

Beyond that depends on what, realistically, you are willing to do on the 
side of the road.  Fan belt, hoses, fuses, and enough tools to replace them. 
I like to carry a DMM with clip leads and some extra DOT 5 (because it can 
be hard to find in stores).  Some drinking water is always welcome on long 
trips, and in an emergency can fill the radiator enough to limp to a filling 

I carry a spare distributor (loaded with cap, rotor, points, wires) in the 
center of the spare tire (along with the belt & hoses in a zip-lock bag), as 
well as a backup electric fuel pump.  Never needed them myself, but others 
in the caravan have. (5 of us once spent the better part of a Sunday 
afternoon roaming around the Oregon countryside, 800 miles from home, 
looking for a TR4A rotor.) 

-- Randall   

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