[TR] [6pack] Napa Oil Filter

Dave dave at ranteer.com
Thu May 12 06:40:46 MDT 2011

the napa guy told me that wix makes the napa filters; drop the first # from 
the wix and you have the napa #, although that doesn't seem entirely 
consistent with the list here

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There's two NAPA Gold that fit. The 1516 fits most cars and the 1361 is a
little shorter in case the frame interferes.

Here's the complete list:
AC PF-56
AC PF952 (short)
AC Delco Ultraguard Gold UPFL-400A
Bosch 72-143
Bosch 72129 (short)
Bosch 72161
CarQuest 85516
Champion C104 (short)
Crosland 529 (short)
Fram PH3512 (short)
Fram PH-3600
(Fram PH-3614)
Full PH-400
Halfords HOF200 (short)
K&N HP-2009
Kralinator L38
Lee LF-42
Mann W719/36
Mobil-1 M1-209
Moss 235-950
Motaquip VFL123 (short)
Motorcraft FL-276
Motorcraft FL-313 (short)
Motorcraft FL400A
NAPA Gold 1516
NAPA Gold 1361
Purolator L10101 (short) (was PER 101)
Purolator L20064
Purolator L20195
Sears 45197
STP SO-400
Unipart GFE173 (short)
Unipart GFE443
Wix 51335 (short)
Wix 51516

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