[TR] [6pack] Napa Oil Filter

Bob Danielson 75tr6 at tr6.danielsonfamily.org
Thu May 12 05:41:18 MDT 2011

There's two NAPA Gold that fit. The 1516 fits most cars and the 1361 is a 
little shorter in case the frame interferes.

Here's the complete list:
AC PF-56
AC PF952 (short)
AC Delco Ultraguard Gold UPFL-400A
Bosch 72-143
Bosch 72129 (short)
Bosch 72161
CarQuest 85516
Champion C104 (short)
Crosland 529 (short)
Fram PH3512 (short)
Fram PH-3600
(Fram PH-3614)
Full PH-400
Halfords HOF200 (short)
K&N HP-2009
Kralinator L38
Lee LF-42
Mann W719/36
Mobil-1 M1-209
Moss 235-950
Motaquip VFL123 (short)
Motorcraft FL-276
Motorcraft FL-313 (short)
Motorcraft FL400A
NAPA Gold 1516
NAPA Gold 1361
Purolator L10101 (short) (was PER 101)
Purolator L20064
Purolator L20195
Sears 45197
STP SO-400
Unipart GFE173 (short)
Unipart GFE443
Wix 51335 (short)
Wix 51516

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Can't find my notes on the oil filter number for the canister conversion for
the NAPA Gold filter. Anyone have the number off the top of their head? Not
sure this matters, but it would be for a 72 -TR6

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