[TR] Steps in doing a tune up

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Wed May 4 14:44:57 MDT 2011

First set valves. Then do both wet and dry compression. A vacuum gauge will assist in finding all sorts of problems, rings, valves, leaks.  Old school ways.
Then go to ignition, finally carbs.
Anyway, that's how leyland taught us.

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Randall <tr3driver at ca.rr.com> wrote:

>> Valve setting effects compression.
>That is true.  But I question the value of doing a compression check before
>a tune-up anyway, when working on your own car for the street.  It's
>different when you are getting paid for your work, and don't know the car
>well; or the engine is for a race car where every last hp is sacred.  But
>for a street engine, you don't refuse to do a tune-up just because it is a
>bit tired.  
>I've run a lot of miles (and even won races) with engines where the
>compression was significantly down on one or more cylinders.
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