[TR] Learning to drive standard

P Caffrey pcaffrey at ymail.com
Mon Mar 29 21:37:42 MST 2010

Hi Tim,
No worries (as young people say) about your post to me/list.  I never
saw it as demeaning to anyone or inappropriate....Sara, my niece, has a desire
to drive the car, but I don't know how serious or motivated the desire is.  (I
know she's excited that I'm getting the car back home soon.)  It could be a
case that once she's in the driver's seat, she'll want to move back to the
passenger seat.  On the other hand, if she is serious, the driving lesson will
have to be repeated time and again as students learn through repetition of
lessons....I did get a lot of good advice from the List and I am thankful for
it.  I now have some good reference points on how to proceed with the driving

Thank you, Tim, for your post.

Best regards,

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