[TR] Learning to drive a TR

Geo Hahn ahwahneetr at gmail.com
Sun Mar 28 08:09:55 MST 2010

>From my experience with teaching 2 young drivers... I agree that it is
likely to be no big deal to teach them.

It will help if, when they learned to drive an automatic, they were
taught to only use their right foot for braking.  A good idea anyway
for beginning drivers as it reduces the possibility they will try to
brake and accelerate at the same time.

Parking lots are good -- cemetaries (off weekend) may also be peaceful
winding roads.

Had a friend teaching his wife to drive in his Morris Minor in a
parking lot.  Had her drive towards a light pole and turn just after
it -- she cleared the pole by 30 feet.

He said 'Good, but this time try to get closer to the pole'.  She sure did.

Good luck.


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