[TR] Learning to drive a TR

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I will strenuously disagree with this opinion.

both my kids learned to drive on an automatic - we felt it was asking too 
much to learn to shift while learning to drive - and both now are driving 
manual gearboxes and will never go  back.

if the kid has some coordination, and a good teacher, they will learn very 
quickly.  I wouldn't fret about using the TR to train them.

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> Hi Pat; if your niece has been driving for a little while already, but on
> an automatic, I think it is going to be very difficult to teach her how to
> drive  a manual gearbox correctly. We were in the fortunate position of
> owning 45 acres  and when my son was 14 I bought an old wreck of a 4WD 
> with a
> standard  transmission, so he could go off in the woods and through the 
> field
> whilst  learning how to drive a manual gearbox. He's 21 now and drives a 
> 1982
> Volvo 242  (60,000kms from new) with a 4-speed. For nearly a year he has
> been trying  to teach his girlfriend how to drive the car, but she just 
> can't
> get it.  Maybe it's just her, but I have always felt that the only way to
> learn how to  drive a car with a manual gearbox is to not drive an 
> automatic
> first.
> Definitely, if you want to go through with this they you will need to
> borrow or rent manual gearbox car but it will be a long and arduous 
> process.
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