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Sun Mar 28 06:12:30 MST 2010

Hi Pat; if your niece has been driving for a little while already, but on  
an automatic, I think it is going to be very difficult to teach her how to 
drive  a manual gearbox correctly. We were in the fortunate position of 
owning 45 acres  and when my son was 14 I bought an old wreck of a 4WD with a 
standard  transmission, so he could go off in the woods and through the field 
whilst  learning how to drive a manual gearbox. He's 21 now and drives a 1982 
Volvo 242  (60,000kms from new) with a 4-speed. For nearly a year he has 
been trying  to teach his girlfriend how to drive the car, but she just can't 
get it.  Maybe it's just her, but I have always felt that the only way to 
learn how to  drive a car with a manual gearbox is to not drive an automatic 
Definitely, if you want to go through with this they you will need to  
borrow or rent manual gearbox car but it will be a long and arduous  process.

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