[TR] Off topic but fun anyway

Mark Hooper mhooper at digiscreen.ca
Tue Mar 23 18:25:15 MST 2010

I saw this on a Sympatico-Auto link:

"A Florida man learned a whole new meaning to a complimentary "car wash" at
his local Ford dealer. While picking up his Mustang GT after routine work, he
was told there was 'bad news'.

According to Jalopnik, the service agent who went to get his car used the
remote starter, which would be fine, normally. But the car was in gear - with
the parking brake off. The car shot through the parking space, through a
chain-link fence and straight into a holding pond, where it sank. The car is
apprently totalled.

Because the parking brake was off and there was no safety switch for the
system, the dealership claims they have no responsibility for the damages
incurred. Both sides are awaiting word form their insurance firms."

So - Does anybody think it is actually possible? Through a chain-link fence in
idle? Hmmm... Cheap fence I suppose.


1972 TR6

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