[TR] Off topic but fun anyway

Randall tr3driver at ca.rr.com
Tue Mar 23 22:11:27 MST 2010

> So - Does anybody think it is actually possible? Through a 
> chain-link fence in
> idle? Hmmm... Cheap fence I suppose.

I'll buy going through the fence at idle; one of my very earliest driving
experiences was piloting my grandfather's loaded pickup truck across a corn
field with the engine idling, as he threw hay out the back to the cattle.
Hauling a ton of hay over the corn rows didn't phase it at all.

But there should have been an interlock, unless someone disabled it.

And I don't see any question that the dealership is liable for damage to the
car.  They might in turn have a claim against Ford for any defects, but they
were supposed to be in control when in fact they were not.  Regardless of
who parked it in gear without setting the parking brake. 


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