[TR] Speedo Cable options

Tom Note tom628 at verizon.net
Mon Mar 22 18:34:54 MST 2010

Ed, for my 76 TR6 I recently replaced the 2-pc. cable and EGR box with a 
longer 1-pc cable from an earlier TR6. Don't know if that's an option for 
you with the TVR, or if you want to maintain originality.


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> Greetings listers
> In investigating the failure of the speedometer to function on my 1977 TR6
> powered TVR 2500M, I discovered that the problem was not the gauge itself
> (nice surprise) but rather the short cable that goes from the EGR meter to 
> the
> speedo was broken.  As TVR parts are often not readily available, I have 
> been
> looking at ot her options.  I note that he later TR6 had this EGR meter 
> and a
> short cable. However, the connection at the speedo is not the same as it 
> is a
> screw on where the TVR has a push on.  Also, TRF lists the length of this
> cable fro the TR6 at 15", while the inneer cable of the TVR measures 
> approx.
> 13 7/8. Never the less I suppose that one option is to use the TR6 inner
> cable, and cut it down to fit. This assumes that the stop on the inner 
> cable
> at the speedo end is correct.  I also noticed when looking for options 
> that
> the MK4 and 1500 Spitfire have a push on connection to the speedo that 
> appears
> to be the same as I have, and that it also has one that goes to an EGR. I 
> have
> not been able to determine the length, so I am not sure if this is an 
> option.
> If anyone has information on that I would appreciate it.
> Thoughts, ideas and or recommendations appreciated.
> Ed
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