[TR] Got a problem with the race car, need advice

Chuck Arnold and/or Kathleen Kelley triosan at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 10:35:09 MST 2010

I have a petrol injected TR6 race car.  It has a Pertronix distributor
[the whole distributor, not just the points replacement in a stock
dizzy].  I also have a Crane ignition.  First time out with the car
this year.  Drove a few sessions Friday, then more on Sunday.  First
two runs Friday went OK as far as the engine goes [had suspension
issues, but worked those out].  The third session was longer, and over
the course of it the car started to cut out under WOT at about 4500 to
5500 RPM.  It did not do this always, but most of the time.  The tach
would swing wildly.  It felt a little like a rev limiter [which is
setto 7000 RPM],but only for an instant.  I did some investigating and
found that I did not have the distributor fully locked, and it had
"walked" to quite far advanced.  I though putting it back to where it
belonged would fix the issue.  IT did not.  At the Sunday event it
just got worse, so I only got one long session in.

So, I beleieve there is a problem with either the Pertronix or the
Crane.  I am asking for advice from all the TR groups I belong to.
What do you think, and how should I diagnose it?  I do have a dual
point Mallory dizzy I can install -- but may have no way to check out
if it helps until race day.

OR, do any of my Seattle area race buddies know of a road I could run
a couple of test on [6K in second will do it] \!



Chuck Arnold and Kathleen Kelley

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