[TR] Leg Warmers for TR3

William Brewer wsb1960tr3a at att.net
Thu Mar 18 07:46:43 MST 2010

     As a sailplane pilot I used to keep marino wool "leggings" in the plane.
I could take off in Minden, NV on a 100 degree day wearing shorts and when it
cooled down at 20,000 feet I could pull on these bicycling leggings to keep my
legs warm.
     There is still some snow on the mountains near my house. I work in
Mojave, CA. It'll be in the 40's at my house in the mornings and in the 70's
when I get to work. The weather is clear and too nice to have the top up in
the TR3. This morning I drove in wearing a hooded Carhart coat and a leather
coat over my legs to keep them warm. I am wondering what others do. I am
thinking about hitting up the Salvation Army or swap meets and looking for a
long coat and using that when my legs or passengers legs get cold.
     Anyone else doing something similar?

     -Bill in Tehachapi

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