[TR] TR6 on TV

Chip19474 at aol.com Chip19474 at aol.com
Thu Mar 18 06:17:22 MST 2010

We (believe or not, my wife actually spotted it almost as quickly as I  
did!!!), spotted a red TR6 in the new TV series called Parenthood which airs on 
 Tuesday evenings.
The character driving the car had his son in the passenger seat who had a  
little stomach problem (threw up) in the car.  I think antique &  classic 
cars are rented to movie & TV networks for shows......I  wouldn't mind having 
my TR6 in a movie or as a snipet on a TV show but I'd  have to draw the line 
on vomit on my nice light tan interior!!!
Chip Krout
Delaware Valley Triumphs, Ltd.
Skippack, PA
1976 TR6  CF57822U 

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