[TR] long TR4 inlet manifold in a TR3A/B ?

tfansher at comcast.net tfansher at comcast.net
Tue Mar 16 13:21:22 MST 2010

I did the conversion, but had to use HS6 (TR6) carbs so that the air cleaners would fit. 
So the longer TR4 intake manifold and "shorter" carbs results in a net gain of almost nothing. 
If you could get a set of blank air cleaners and then cut the appropriate offset holes, you could probably 
get around the inner fender problem. Or cut out and rework the inner fender - much too much 
effort for my blood. Again, my worked fine, but I'll leave it to the engineers on the list to sort out 
if there is any net good effect of the TR4 manifold and TR6 SU carbs. 
Hope this rambling helps. 
60 TR3A stock 
61 TR3A modified 
62 TR4 
73 Stag 

-Subject: [TR] long TR4 inlet manifold in a TR3A/B ? 

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