[TR] long TR4 inlet manifold in a TR3A/B ?

francois wildi fwildi at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 16 12:12:16 MST 2010

After over 6 years (I don't know the plural form of annus horibilis) I
am back on tracks maintaining, driving (not quite yet but VERY soon) and
upgrading my TR3A. I greet you all again.
One of the projects I have is to
improve the breathing of the engine. And I am toying with the idea of fitting
a long TR4 manifold on the TR3. Not much clearance on the R/h inner fender
side. The manifold really does look very long... really really long. I will
make a direct comparison tomorrow at work between a extra regular manifold I
have and that long one. I can probably shave a millimeter or 2 on each side,
wedge the carb side and even maybe the engine side a bit. But will it suffice?
Has anybody done this mod? Building an inlet air-streamed manifold from
scratch seems no piece of cake. And I still got to have the colleague show me
how to TIG aluminum...


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