[TR] Accelerator Shaft Bearing/Bushing

Jeff Scarbrough fishplate at charter.net
Thu Jan 31 20:56:13 MST 2008

At 06:11 PM 1/31/2008, Bob Danielson wrote:

>  I've heard horror stories about installing these nylon shaft bearings #19
>(http://tinyurl.com/yvq8qf) so I was very pleased when they went in without
>too much trouble. The problem now is getting the accelerator shaft back
>through them as there isn't enough room in the driver's foot well to
>accommodate the length of the shaft. Before I start tearing things apart,
>does removing the interior carpeted panel free up room or do I have to
>remove the bearing from the car, slide it over the shaft and work it back on
>to the car once the shaft is in place?


I did this earlier this year in my '75, it took the better part of a 
summer day.  The first bushing took about 45 minutes to fit into the 
hole, the second one seemed to take a week!

Once I got the bushings in, I was able to find a way to install the 
shaft.  I can't recall exactly how, though I could probably do it 
again if I had to.  I didn't remove any carpet, though I wished the 
other pedals weren't in the way.  I did manage to finagle it into 
place, though, after a while.  I thought putting the shaft in was 
easier than putting the bushings in.  But perhaps mine hadn't worn so 
far that the holes in the body were enlarged...

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