[TR] Whine And Ye Shall Receive

Jerry Cole cole.jw at comcast.net
Mon Jan 28 20:07:04 MST 2008

 I came, I saw I whined.

 And voila! I received my much awaited seat foam for my 1972 TR6. One day 
later, I get a UPS shipping notice that my new top is on its way.

 By the way, I did get my bumpers back from the chromer. They are still 
wrapped up because it was wet and 23 degrees F outside. If it was 23 degrees 
C, they would have been on the car by now. Anyhow, I'll report back on how 
the chrome looks once this snow stuff turns back to rain and I have a day 
off. (My TR6 is inside, but it's COLD in the garage.) I used to live in 
Wyoming, Chicago, Conneticut and Virginia and there's no cold like Pacific 
NW WET cold.

 My 3-year-old roof on my house decided to leak and cause much damage. Guess 
what? the roofing company that carried the warranty is out of business. Now 
it's getting personal. They're cutting into my LBC time AND my LBC money. 
This roof problem will cost me many sets of red-line radials. This TR6, Miss 
Helen Back, WILL be ready for summer. Or else. (Or else I move the target to 
next year, again.)

Jerry Cole
Lakewood, WA.
1972 TR6 (Helen Back) 

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