[TR] Whine And Ye Shall Receive

Michael Lang mlang99 at comcast.net
Mon Jan 28 21:56:15 MST 2008

Jerry Cole wrote:
>  My 3-year-old roof on my house decided to leak and cause much damage. Guess 
> what? the roofing company that carried the warranty is out of business. Now 
> it's getting personal. They're cutting into my LBC time AND my LBC money. 
> This roof problem will cost me many sets of red-line radials. This TR6, Miss 
> Helen Back, WILL be ready for summer. Or else. (Or else I move the target to 
> next year, again.)
Boy am I there with you. Our story was a little more tragic. 2 years
after roofing our house, we found it was leaking and causing a huge
amount of dry-rot. Called the roofer to have him come look at it. He
didn't show at the arranged time so I called him again. Got a relative
on the phone the next time and found out that he had been killed in a
car accident a couple of days earlier. Just in case your wondering if
you was pulling a fast one, we looked up his obituary later in the week.
Getting our roof problems fixed cost us the equivalent of a couple of
fully restored TR3's! I learned that having a licensed/bonded contractor
do your work doesn't really add much value in situations such as this.

I hope you are able to get it resolved quickly and as in-expensive as


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