[TR] TR3 lock-to-lock steering maximumzation

dorpaul dorpaul at bellsouth.net
Mon Jan 28 17:03:29 MST 2008

If I recall, one of the reasons for me delving so deep into the old steering
on my TR3, was that it lacked about 1/3 rd of a steering wheel revolution,
from what the manual said it should turn from lock-to-lock.  Today, I
rereinstalled my tie-rods, etc.
     I also removed the front wheel's lock stop (I suppose this is the
ultimate end of the turning).  I saw that the disc-bumper-lockstop is slightly
off-center or eliptical and therefore adjustable.  I tentatively set it to
maximise my turning revolutions.

    Later when playing with the mounted wheel rotors (cheap thrills) and with
all steering linkage tentatively tightened I mimaced turning the wheels from
side to side.   Surprisingly, they seemed to lock up (as if they might not
recover from a turn.)  Again this turning was performed at the rotor, itself.

this car is not roadworthy, yet!  I've not even rereinstalled the steering
wheel.  Is the adjustment of this eliptical disc meant to be where this can be
overcome?  or do i need to even worry about it?

Paul Dorsey
60 TR3

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