[TR] [Wedge] Triumph Trans AmeriCan 2009 Charity Drive, January 2008 Donor Car status report

Glenn A. Merrell StagByTriumph at tscusa.org
Mon Jan 28 15:06:33 MST 2008

Thanks for snagging the hook Mickey!  We will let you know if these 
units will be transporting or not and I'll put you on the truck/trailer 

Thanks again

richauds at bellsouth.net wrote:
> Hey, Glenn -
> I may be a bit south of the mark (typical!), but if the trip participants find themselves along I-24 in Tennessee, I'd be happy to pitch in any way I can.
> Best regards,
> Mickey

Glenn A. Merrell
Chairman, Triumph Stag Club USA (2007-2009)
The best trophies are miles on the odometer, stone chips in the paint, dead bugs on the windshield!

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