[TR] TR3 lock-to-lock steering maximumzation

Randall tr3driver at ca.rr.com
Mon Jan 28 18:20:48 MST 2008

>     Later when playing with the mounted wheel rotors (cheap 
> thrills) and with
> all steering linkage tentatively tightened I mimaced turning 
> the wheels from
> side to side.   Surprisingly, they seemed to lock up (as if 
> they might not
> recover from a turn.)

Paul,  does this mean that the steering got hard to turn at the limits of
travel ?  IOW it was much harder to turn back to center ?  In that case, my
opinion is that something is bent and binding at the limits of travel.


I drove for many years with the eccentric stops on the trunnions turned to
allow the maximum travel.  At least on my car, the peg inside the steering
box did not reach the end of it's travel and there was no binding before the
vertical link touched the stop.  Later when I added an ADDCO sway bar, the
(wider) tires would rub the sway bar with the steering at the limit, so I
turned the eccentric stops until the tires would just barely touch the sway
bar with the steering against the stop.

One surprising (to me) place where I had trouble with binding was inside the
idler arm bracket.  I had gotten some overspray on the trunnion part of the
idler arm, which I didn't think would hurt anything.  To my surprise, after
several weeks of daily driving, it started to bind.  The paint had rubbed
off and formed a ball of gunk that was causing the bind; but only

Herman van den Akker has also written of bent vertical links causing binding
after replacing the trunnions, tho I've not had that problem myself.  He
found quite a few of them bent though, so maybe I've just been lucky in that


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