[TR] engine swap / motor skip

Alan Salvatore 6parts at charter.net
Mon Jan 28 13:43:07 MST 2008

I finished swaping motors and transmissions Friday.

Saturday the car ran real strong, I didn't know a 6 had that much power.
The only thing was the valves were clatering.
So Sunday I proceed to adjust the valves. They were a bit loose.
Bad Move.  Should have left well enough alone.
Put everything back together, and now its just as doggy as the motor I took
Actually it seems # 2 cylinder is not firing.  I changed plug wires, & spark
plugs but still skipping.

So I must have screwed up the valve adjusting some how.
If the valves were off would that cause a cylinder not to fire?
How easy should the feeler guage move. No drag or slight drag.

This is the same guy (me) who adjusted the valves on the other motor, probably
\why that one
never ran right.

Al Salvatore

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