[TR] engine swap / motor skip

Randall tr3driver at ca.rr.com
Mon Jan 28 14:55:31 MST 2008

> If the valves were off would that cause a cylinder not to fire?

They would need to be significantly off, not just .002" IMO.

> How easy should the feeler guage move. No drag or slight drag.

IMO there should be a slight drag.  Purely as a learning exercise, try using
feelers of +.002" and -.002" from the value you are trying to set.  The
-.002" should have no resistance whatsoever (and even rattle a little),
while the +.002" should be too tight to push in.

The other thing I am wondering : Is it possible your motor has a
non-original camshaft in it ?  Many 'performance' cams take significantly
more valve lash than stock, and setting them to the stock clearance can
cause problems at idle.

If it really runs better with the valves a little loose, then set them a
little loose ...


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