[TR] tr4 trunk plate

Steven Newell steven at newellboys.com
Wed Jan 30 16:15:27 MST 2008

CarlSereda at aol.com wrote:

>Thanks guys for your TR4 license plate bolt position measurements (from
>bottom edge of trunk to centers of top license plate bolts).
>In general 8 1/4" to 8 3/16" seems to be the range.
>2 of my 7 holes are at 8.5" .. so I may need to make two more! (and lower)
>Thanks again,
I'd hoped Jonmac would recollect that license plate holes were all 
drilled on Fridays during happy hour. So that they might be anywhere 
from 8" to 8 1/2" and sometimes drilled into a door or front wing by 
mistake. In which case, factory workers simply installed a side-view 
mirror in the misplaced hole. :)

Steven Newell
Littleton, CO USA
'62 TR4 x 2

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