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Mark Haynes 220caribou at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 09:00:01 MDT 2016

Try online metals, I've had good luck with them when I need 304L in odd
You'll have to cut and paste,but it'll get you to the sheet SS page.


or Service Steel Aerospace, though they are in the PNW,

Mark Haynes
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I have a small workbench in the corner of my home garage that is 23" x 52".
The bench top is actually just made from scrap 2x4's and it has always had
a sheet of aluminum on it for a surface.  The aluminum was too thin and has
seen better days so I want to replace it with stainless steel.  I've been
watching Craigslist for an old kitchen prep table but they all seem to
bring good money.

The question:  If I were to just go out and buy a sheet of new stainless
for the bench surface ... what gauge would be sufficient?

Alternate question:  Any other suggestions for something to use as a bench
top surface?

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