[Spridgets] No LBC - plastic fittings

Lester oldsaabguy at comcast.net
Sat Mar 10 17:25:43 MST 2012

Ahhh.. now I got it..  very bright and woefully underpaid with the threat of
their research/project/livelihood disappearing every budgetary year..

Keep up the good fight..  and if that asteroid is going to hit us come
February just a day or so heads up would be nice..  there are a few things I
want to do and I'll need a day or so to get there..


>  Just a word of advice.  Michael and his wife are both very distinguished
scientists with Lawrence Livermore Labs.  I believe they both work in heavily
classified areas of the LL labs as imposed by the government.  He's not about
to share classified information on the Spridgets list.
>  Additionally, they are really terrific people.  You might want to tone the
rhetoric down a bit and give your fellow Spridgteer a break.
>  Cheers!!
>  Jim
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