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Michael Rowe mdrowe at optonline.net
Sat Mar 10 15:23:54 MST 2012

Now Jim has really spilled it all!

Actually, we are at Brookhaven National Lab in NY, not Lawrence Livermore in CA, and my wife is the really famous one.  If you Google "Mona Rowe UFO," you can still dredge up references to the time when a UFO crashed in Brookhaven Park a few miles south of the Lab, and the UFO and dead alien bodies were taken to BNL's ultra-secret underground government laboratories for study.  Right.  Mona became internationally famous among UFO circles when she told a reporter, "I believe there are aliens out there somewhere in the universe, but we don't have any here."  That was instantly broadcast as, "Mona Rowe, spokesperson for Brookhaven National Laboratory, says, "I believe there are aliens out there."  Every UFO nut in the world knows of Mona Rowe.

At that time, she was a member of BNL's radiation SWAT team for the Northeastern US that had a van full of moon suits and fun toys and traveled to any radiation-related problems in the region.  (I don't think they ever found a moon suit small enough for her.)  It is our family tradition to go out to dinner for birthdays, so we were in a restaurant when she got a an emergency SWAT team call and had to leave.  It was John Ford, president of the Long Island UFO Society, who had a basement full of hospital radiation sources and plans to put them under the car seats of politicians he did not like.  There was also some plan to put shavings in tooth paste tubes, etc.  They didn't even bother arresting him; he went straight to a mental institution.  

So about three weeks later, we finally managed to get time for another try at the birthday dinner - same restaurant.  She gets called out again, this time for the vice-president of the Long Island UFO Society (can't remember his name).  His basement was full of enough weapons and explosives to blow up a city block, but it turned out there was no radioactive material.  I think he went to jail, but I'm not sure.

We finally managed to complete a whole dinner, beginning to end, about two months late.

What  a giggle.
Michael Rowe
The less famous one
  OK, wow, to me this is all in jest.  Maybe I came across the wrong way.


  I didn't think there was anything secret about Mars, unless of course, they found some remnants of some alien civilization there.


  My apologies. 


  Just a word of advice.  Michael and his wife are both very distinguished scientists with Lawrence Livermore Labs.  I believe they both work in heavily classified areas of the LL labs as imposed by the government.  He's not about to share classified information on the Spridgets list.  

  Additionally, they are really terrific people.  You might want to tone the rhetoric down a bit and give your fellow Spridgteer a break.


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