[Spridgets] Runs great, but terrible mileage

David Riker davriker at nwi.net
Thu Sep 16 22:38:32 MDT 2010

That's exactly my in-town mileage.  Short trips, lots of spirited starts, 
reving up to 4k or more before shifting.  I have a Weber DCOE40, they tend 
to use more fuel than SU's  due to the true accellerator pump and richer 
mixture.  About 120 miles is all I'll push it on in-town driving.  On a 
highway trip, my best fuel economy is usually when I am cruising above 70 
mph, the weber and cam seem to come together and be at their most efficient. 
Even at that, 28-30mpg  is tops, putting the range at about 200 miles.

smog vs. no smog is very little difference in mpg, as the smog pump doesn't 
cause that much drag.  By '73 the compression ratio was lower than earlier 
cars, and the ignition timing less advanced.  Be sure that the SU's are set 
correctly, and adjust the timing properly, and the mileage will be the best 
it can be with out other modifications.

David R.

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> The engine is a 1275 from '73, desmogged.  Stock SU carbs, ribcase from 
> same year as far as I can tell, original stock rear end.
> I figure I'm getting around 18 to 22 mpg
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