[Spridgets] Runs great, but terrible mileage

David Booker tncarnut1 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 16 11:29:47 MDT 2010

"That sounds good for 1973" ...bill in corvallis

I agree Bill - doesn't sound
bad to me either. 

Chris, I assume you are driving your car as it was
intended to be driven - 
winding out each gear, braking late in the curves so
you can get a little bit of 
rotation via those wonderfully skinny tires,
down-shifting to keep the revs 
up... you know - making all the appropriate
sporty-car noises. If so, 18 to 22 
doesn't sound all that bad. I never
checked my mileage so really have no idea 
what mine gets. I know it doesn't
take all that long to get through a tank 

On the other hand, I bet
if you settled in on a boring straight highway at a 
medium RPM and reasonable
rate of speed, you would find your mileage goes up by 

 - David Booker
Long Island

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