[Spridgets] air leak? when pulling on throttle cable

ryan.kubanoff at comcast.net ryan.kubanoff at comcast.net
Thu Jun 11 09:17:22 MDT 2009

I drove the midget to work yesterday and it drove home for the most part fine
but towards the end of the ride it had trouble staying above 700rpm at idle
(normal idle 900rpm)B  I stopped for a few moments and when I went to restart
she wouldn't turn over.B  My first thought is the condenser which I will
replace this weekend as well as new points and rotor. But when I went to raise
the idle with the set screw and i pulled the throttle cable to reset it before
I heard the engine accelerate I heard a air leak.B  I have K&N filters that I
put on last summer but have yet to clean them and they might need it (have to
find out how to do that) butB could dirty air cleaners cause this problem?


'74 midget

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