[Spridgets] What type of exhaust?

David Lieb dbl at chicagolandmgclub.com
Wed Sep 24 06:37:51 MDT 2008

> The exhaust on my 74 midget has sprung its last leak (4 that I am aware 
> of).  So I was thinking of the stainless steel one from VB. Any thoughts? 
> or what are you using?

On my 72 I use an LCB header sourced from Rivergate that has a 1 5/8" 
collector which will accomodate the original 1 1/2" pipe on the inside OR a 
1 3/4" pipe on the outside. I went with a 1 3/4" pipe and had a piece welded 
onto it for the stock mount at the bulkhead. It is pretty easy to brace it 
in place and then use a jack behind the axle to angle it up a tad. A JC 
Whitney Hearthrob #ZX222813Y muffler straight out the back with a tip cut 
from the other pipe rounds it off. Oh yes, the Spanish-made band-type 
exhaust clamps that Moss started carrying last year are GREAT for not 
sticking down too far, being easy to install, and taking a lot of abuse. 
Just go to their site and do a search on "exhaust clamp". BTW, my exhaust is 
not stainless. Stainless WILL rust (it "stains less", not rustproof) and 
tends to sound tinny, so it isn't a magic bullet that would mean never 
touching your exhaust again.
David Lieb 

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