[Spridgets] Lever Shock Fluid Recommendation

Peter C peter at nosimport.com
Tue Sep 16 13:51:38 MDT 2008

One has to wonder how the air got in, and where the fluid it 
displaced went.... no?

         Peter C
At 02:56 PM 9/16/2008, Bud Osbourne wrote:
>The spongy feeling you mention may be caused by air in the shocks.  You
>can put all the correct, new fluid in them you want, but, until you get
>that air out of them, they'll remain "spongy".  The factory workshop
>manual tells us to open the fill plug, and ad the correct oil while
>working the shock lever up and down through it's entire range of travel
>until the air is purged and the shock reservoir is full.  I've revived
>more than a couple of reportedly "worn out" Armstrong shock absorbers
>using this method.
>Bud Osbourne
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>Aside from replacing the front shocks on my Bugeye with new or rebuilt
>units right now, I'm looking for a quick and cost efficient fix to
>reduce sponginess. These shocks show no sign of leaks, but they're very
>spongy.?I was going to fill them with 30wt Castrol R like we did back in
>the day, but evidently that product is hard, or impossible to come by
>these days.
>What are others using as a heavier than normal shock fluid for street
>Next year I will be rebuilding the front end and will more than likely
>change the shocks at that time, so I am just interested in this as a
>stop-gap measure to hold me over until that time.
>Thank you,
>Howard Collins
>Virginia Beach, VA.

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