[Spridgets] Lever Shock Fluid Recommendation

Bud Osbourne abcoz at hky.com
Tue Sep 16 14:48:32 MDT 2008

Yes.  But, since Howard is looking for a short-term "fix", I'm sure he
can ad fluid, periodically, to keep the units from sucking air.  I've
done it, myself, many times in the past.  After all, the factory manuals
call for periodic checks of shock fluid levels, and I've seen perfectly
good shocks leak oil around the shaft seals.  As you know, if you let
the oil leak out, without replacing it; air will certainly enter the
Please understand that I'm not advocating the perpetual use of worn
shocks.  I'm simply offering Howard some information to help him reach
his short-term goal.
Bud Osbourne

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One has to wonder how the air got in, and where the fluid it 
displaced went.... no?

         Peter C
At 02:56 PM 9/16/2008, Bud Osbourne wrote:
>The spongy feeling you mention may be caused by air in the shocks.  You
>can put all the correct, new fluid in them you want, but, until you get
>that air out of them, they'll remain "spongy".  The factory workshop
>manual tells us to open the fill plug, and ad the correct oil while
>working the shock lever up and down through it's entire range of travel
>until the air is purged and the shock reservoir is full.  I've revived
>more than a couple of reportedly "worn out" Armstrong shock absorbers
>using this method.
>Bud Osbourne
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>Aside from replacing the front shocks on my Bugeye with new or rebuilt
>units right now, I'm looking for a quick and cost efficient fix to
>reduce sponginess. These shocks show no sign of leaks, but they're very
>spongy.?I was going to fill them with 30wt Castrol R like we did back
>the day, but evidently that product is hard, or impossible to come by
>these days.
>What are others using as a heavier than normal shock fluid for street
>Next year I will be rebuilding the front end and will more than likely
>change the shocks at that time, so I am just interested in this as a
>stop-gap measure to hold me over until that time.
>Thank you,
>Howard Collins
>Virginia Beach, VA.

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