[Spridgets] plug welding

Glen Byrns grbyrns at ucdavis.edu
Mon Sep 15 13:27:18 MDT 2008

After a few difficult sessions on the Morris truck attempting to "spot" weld a
new driver's floor brace, I switched over to "plug" welding and suddenly I was
flying along.  Better welds, no duds, and finished in no time.

For the beginner welders out there like me, to spot weld with a mig rig, you
drill a hole through one piece and then fill the hole with weld and hope it
penetrates to the undrilled piece beneath.  With plug welding, drill (~3/16")
through BOTH pieces, back the hole with a small piece of brass or copper, THEN
fill the hole with weld.  What a difference in success.  All the good welders
on the list are saying "DUH!", but at least I'm learning. (And I got a
rock-solid floor brace!)

Glen Byrns

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