[Spridgets] Fuel guage question

Phil Jones philip.s.jones at comcast.net
Mon Sep 15 10:19:36 MDT 2008

Hi all!  Just took the garage queen out for a drive this weekend . . . ('71 Midget)

First thing first:  this car is ridiculous.  About 500 miles on a +20 1275 with APT (modified) head, intake and exhaust manifolds; 286 cam, balanced, blah blah blah.  To me, this car feels like like a little race car - it just gets up and goes!  Prtty much nothing below 3K - but 3K to 5.5K (about as high as I've taken it yet), it just feels like an itsy-bitsy drag racer.  Crazy.  Can't help but get my foot into it at pretty much every opportunity.  It also has Frontline suspension front and rear, which I am not enjoying nearly so much.

Second thing:  after driving it around for a bit, I noticed the fuel guage cycling from full to empty.  (tank was full at the time).  My first guess is that the voltage stabiliser is "sticky".  Any other guesses?  Is there a recommended tweak, or should I just dive in with a replacement?

Your (always helpful) comments and insight are greatly appreciated!



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