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I thought brass was porous and would explode when exposed to welding.
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After a few difficult sessions on the Morris truck attempting to "spot" weld
new driver's floor brace, I switched over to "plug" welding and suddenly I
flying along.  Better welds, no duds, and finished in no time.

For the beginner welders out there like me, to spot weld with a mig rig, you
drill a hole through one piece and then fill the hole with weld and hope it
penetrates to the undrilled piece beneath.  With plug welding, drill
through BOTH pieces, back the hole with a small piece of brass or copper,
fill the hole with weld.  What a difference in success.  All the good
on the list are saying "DUH!", but at least I'm learning. (And I got a
rock-solid floor brace!)

Glen Byrns

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